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  • If I live outside the US, can I get a US patent?

    Yes, US residency is not required for a US Patent. Any inventor, no matter where they live can file for Patent protection in the US.
  • If I am not a US citizen can I get a US patent?

    Yes, US citizenship is not required to file for a Patent. Any inventor, regardless of their citizenship can file for a Patent in the US.
  • What documents do I need to file for a patent?

    There are many documents that are prepared when filing a Patent. At a minimum you need an Application Disclosure Statement, An Oath and Declaration, Specification, Formal Patent Drawings and of course the USPTO Filing Fee.
  • If I file for a patent and it is rejected, can I re-submit it for a patent again?

    Yes, you can either appeal the decision or re-prepare your application and try again providing no other statutory bars were violated.
  • Is there an appeal process if my patent is denied?

    Yes, there is an Appeals process.
  • Can I start selling in other country's while I wait to get a patent in the US?

    Yes, you can sell wherever you like, just remember the US Patent protects you in the US marketplace not another country.
  • What are the requirements of non US citizens to be granted a United States patent?

    US citizenship is not required to file for a Patent. Any inventor, regardless of their citizenship can file for a Patent in the US
  • Who do I have to show my invention to, in order to get a patent?

    You do not have to show your invention to anyone. Additionally, it is not required to make your invention before filing for a Patent.
  • Do I need to keep any kind of records of my invention process?

    It is not required, but it is always a good idea to keep notes with dates.
  • Can I mail my invention idea to myself to establish the date that I invented It?

    No, this provides no protection at all.
  • Can I get a patent for a i Pad case I printed on my 3D printer?

    Yes, if you created a unique Design for an iPad case you can file for a Design Patent.
  • If I file for a provisional patent, does this mean it will be public?

    No, Provisioanl applications are not published.
  • What personal information is listed on a US patent?

    On the printed Patent it is just your name.
  • If I file for a patent,will my address be publicly listed on the patent office website?

    Your records can be accessed once published through the USPTO PAIR system.
  • What personal information does the patent office need from me in order to file for a patent?

    Just your name and address.
  • Does owning a US patent give you a better credit score?

  • If a patent protects me from others making a profit from my invention; Then what does a trademark do?

    A trademark protects a brand name or logo, i.e. the source of the good, the Patent protects the good itself
  • How much does it cost to copyright a website?

    You can file a copyright for a website for about 50 dollars
  • How do I know if invention will make money?

    You don’t. Every business takes a risk with every product. Remember the Segway? Great idea BIG money loser.
  • Can I get a patent for an invention that does not exists yet? ( I have not built it yet, I only have the plans ready)

    Yes, it is not required to build the invention first, in fact most are not..
  • When I get a patent, how do people that might want to buy it find it?

    You can market the Patent through many channels in order to find a buyer.
  • When did the patent office in the united states get started?

    Over 150 years ago. For a complete history of the US patent office download the PDF
  • Do I need to take photographs of my invention to send to the patent office?

    No, most applications require Formal Patent drawings that are prepared as part of the application preparation process.
  • Can I make a video of my invention working to get a patent?

    No, Formal Patent drawings are required, video submissions are not allowed as part of the application process.
  • Should I try to sell the invention first or should I get a patent first?

    Patent it first. Once you make an offer for sale you only have 12 months to file for a Patent. If you miss that date you are barred from filing for a Patent.
  • Can the company I work for get a patent for something I made on my own to make my job easier?

    You need to check with your employer. You’ll always be the inventor but they may want ownership of the Patent.
  • If my invention takes off and starts selling, at what point do I need to get a patent?

    Once you make an offer for sale you only have 12 months to file for a Patent. If you miss that date you are barred from filing for a Patent.

  • What is the difference between a patent agent and a patent attorney?

    Both perform the same duties in preparing and prosecuting a Patent application. Both took and passed the USPTO Bar Exam. The Patent Attorney can practice state law in whatever state they are registered in under that state’s bar.
  • Are patent agents cheaper then patent attorneys?

    In general yes but not much difference.
  • How do I find out of a patent Practitioner is registered with the United States Patent Office?

    Go to and perform a Practitioner search
  • How can I know for sure if my invention can be patented?

    Ultimately the USPTO makes that decision but working with a Patent Law Group, they can help determine your chances.
  • Can I say my invention is " patent Pending" if I am going to get a patent in the future?

    No, you must have an application filed with the USPTO.
  • Do I need to negotiate with the car manufacturer to get a patent for an aftermarket part I invented?

    No, it is your idea. You can file for a Patent and then try to sell your idea to the car companies.
  • Does the patent office give me a formal certificate once I get a patent?

    Yes, it is called a Ribbon Copy.

  • If a company decides to buy my invention, does my name get taken off the patent?

    No you are always listed as the inventor.
  • Does it cost more to get a patent with more then one inventor?

    No, a Patent costs the same whether its one inventor or 25.

  • If I work together with someone else to invent a new product, who should be listed as the " patent holder"?

    All individuals contributing to the material elements of the invention should be listed as inventors.
  • Do I need to have a business license to get a patent for an invention?

  • Do I need to provide receipts for the materials I used on my new invention?

  • Can I list my business name as the inventor on a patent?

    No, but you can list your business name as the assignee.
  • Can I put a patent in my sons name even though I invented it?

    No, you have to be listed as the inventor but you can assign the Patent to your son.
  • What happens if I loose my patent paperwork?

    All Patent application documents are maintained by the USPTO.

  • Does filing for a sports related product/invention cost more then other types of patents?

  • Are corporations given preference at the USPTO?

    No, applications are processed in the order they are received.

  • Can I get a patent in Canada and still have protection in the US?

    No, A US Patent is required for protection in the US.
  • When is the best time to use " patent pending" on a product?

    Anytime there is a application pending with the USPTO you should use “Patent Pending”.
  • Do company's search the patent database and buy patents?

    Yes, there are Patent holding companies that seek to buy Patents in various fields.
  • I am not a US citizen, does this make a US patent cost more?

  • Do I have to send my invention to a patent Practitioner to get a patent?

    No, typically drawings, photos(if available) sketches or just a discussion is all that is required.
  • Do I need to personally travel to the patent office to get a patent?

    No, all filings are performed electronically.
  • Can I get a patent for new kind of food?

    Patents on food are limited mostly to the method of making the food.

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